Robin Williams

Robin Williams         chart robbin williams

Mars and Saturn took Robin Williams. Saturn, planet of depression, was in a very personal part of the chart, his 1st house, from Oct ’12 until Jan ’15. Mars, planet of violence, was passing through his 1st from July 25th until mid Sept. Planets passing through the first house are on one’s horizon and bring to the individual things like themselves. These planets have always been classified as difficult and when they are together, as they are now in the sign, Scorpio, they focus difficulties. We can see his extreme talents by noting the importance of the extreme planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in his horoscope, his birth chart. Neptune is involved in a powerful and tense T square involving Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars. Mars is one of two first house rulers. This means that he is Mars. Uranus, the brilliant and unpredictable planet is right near Mars, right near him. Pluto is the other planet that represents him and it is with Mercury, in Leo, and at the top of the chart. Mercury gives him intelligence; Leo makes him entertaining; and Pluto at the top of the chart means that he is at the top. His Moon, representing the more subtle mind, is at the 10th degree of the sweet, poetic sign Pisces. It opposes Venus which is the lovable planet. He has been remembered very well by those who knew him. We think of Saturn when we think of depression. It is in the 28th degree of Virgo. Most would consider this not close enough to be an opposition with his 10th degree Moon. An opposition between Moon and Saturn would be depression. Hindus say that anything in the one sign is opposed to anything anywhere in the opposite sign. I think they are right in this case. Pluto can also be associated with depression and we note that is it very close to Mercury, another mental body. The Uranus Pluto square, happening in the sky, has been connecting with his tension producing T square for years and until August, Mars and Jupiter were also. He left the world better than when he came into it by giving us comedy and reminding us to look more carefully at depression.

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