Feb ’17 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Feb. ’17

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild astrology study group meets on Tuesday, February 28th at 6 pm at the library in Cocoa, Fl at 308 Forrest Ave. All are welcome who are interested in Astrology and this event is free.

Last month we looked at the charts of family members and noted some relationships between them. I discovered that using Aries houses would facilitate seeing the sign relationships and aspects between family members. Also putting the members in multiple circle printouts would help.
Next month we’ll see more families. We know that there are strong connections in families. And we know that Saturn and Mars can be very involved. I’ll be looking for a family with very difficult relationships with each other to see how the extreme situation looks in the charts.

This month the focus has been on the new administration, its activities, and conflicts with others in government. Jupiter’s involvement in the Uranus Pluto square and making a T square shows active conflict. The Ascendant was connecting to this when the Istanbul attack happened. The Moon connected with it for the Ft. Lauderdale airport attack. The California rain happened with Venus, Neptune, and Mars in wet Pisces. Trump’s first news conference happened under a Full Moon connecting with the T square. A Nigerian bomb and a Mali bomb both happened with the Moon connecting to the T square. The inauguration happened with Mars square Saturn. Mars is angry and Saturn is discouraged. And the Indian train derailment happened when the Moon was in the travel sign, Sagittarius with Saturn.
Saturn trine Uranus should be making some conservatives and some liberals happy. Maybe these are the ones who own stock.
In Feb., Mars and Venus are in Aries; this promotes creativity and liveliness. Mars connects with the T square later in the month. Apparently things will get even more interesting.
A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 9th and 10th focuses on power. This effects Leos and Aquarians. President Trump has Leo rising.
A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces later on the 25th, the 26th, and 27th gives us a new start psychically. Under eclipses we should be sensible and do something special.

I’ll be talking about the Astrology of 2017 on Feb 26th at the Yoga Shakti Mission on Heild Rd.

Call me if you need me.


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