March ’17 Spacex Report

Spacex Report March ’17 march 14 ’17 spacex     first march 16 ’17 spacex march 16 ’17 spacex     chart mar 30 17 spacex

We had three Spacex launchpad events in March. On the 14th an attempt was made to launch a Spacex rocket that would supply the ISS. Sagittarius was rising and approaching Saturn. The Sun was close to squaring Saturn. The Moon was in Libra in the 11th house moving to conjunct Jupiter, square Pluto, and oppose Uranus. It was also a bit past opposing Venus. The conjunction with Saturn worried me as did the Moon tying into the cardinal T square. It did not launch due to weather. The second attempt to launch come on March 16 at 1:35 am. The Ascendant was still in Sagittarius and approaching Saturn. The Sun was still coming close to squaring Saturn. The Moon was in Scorpio just past an opposition with Mars and trine Neptune. I did not like the on gong Saturn situation and the opposition with Mars. The launch was delayed a bit due to “ground issues”. At 2:00am on the 16th the rocket launched successfully. The main change since 1:35 am was that the Ascendant had come closer to Saturn and its square of the Sun. But it was also very close to a trine with very spacey Uranus. The important changes from the 14th was the Ascendant Saturn situation just mentioned and the Moon sign change, which no longer tied into the T square. In the last attempt the MC has moved out of Virgo where it had opposed the Sun and squared Saturn for both earlier attempts. In Libra it was moving to the conjunction with Jupiter but also to engagement with the T square. You can see that this is complicated. What I am looking for is an improvement showing in the successful launch over the attempts. I have been watching this for years and sometimes the improvement is much easier to see than at other times. In the final launch, the Moon was a bit past opposing Mars but it was moving to the trine with Neptune. The Ascendant was close to conjunction Saturn and squaring the Sun but it was closer to trining Uranus. And most importantly the Moon was not connecting with the T square.


Another launch took place on March 30th at 6:27 pm at pad 39A. There was only 1 attempt and it succeeded.


My colleague Betty Flowe and I did not like the fact that the Moon was separating from Mars and that Saturn was at the nadir. These are difficult planets at important placements. But, we noted that Mercury ruled both the Ascendant and the M.C. and was just past a nice trine with Saturn. And that the Moon was past Mars and moving toward a harmonious trine with Pluto. So both areas that we were worried about, were involved in harmony and success happened.


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