S.T.A.R. Guild Report June 28 ’16

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, June 28th ’16 Meeting.

chart e u        chart attack istanbul      chart pulse shooting

chart pm omar mateen      chart disney open    chart disney alligator

We met at the Cocoa library, looked at many topical charts, and started our study of vocational astrology using the book, “Vocational Asstrology” edited by Noel Tyl. I’m still thinking about the chart we applied Tyl’s and Cunningham’s factors to for selecting a vocation. The chart had Neptune near a Libra Ascendant trine Venus in Gemini in the 9th. This suggests a desire for refinement, seeking, and art. Uranus conjunct the M.C. adds a desire to be different and original to this. She should find ways to express this. But a Capricorn Moon in the 4th and ruling the 10th and trine Mercury, the Sun, and Mars in Taurus in the 8th suggests the realistic notion that she should continue with something similar to what she has done in the past to make money. The question remains concerning whether or not she can use her earth planets to create a home based business. It may come down to whether she has the ability to create a marketable product or service and the personal power to run her own business. She may have to do one thing for love and the other for money.

I think we should continue with a vocational focus next month. Please bring charts to apply vocational theory to.

Here come the topical charts.
The E U is having its Saturn return and its Jupiter return. Its Ascendant is the same as the U. K. On the day of the Brexit vote the Moon was in Aquarius as it is in the E U chart. To survive, the EU needs to rethink its philosophy and its goals.

The attack at the Turkish airport has Saturn with the Sag M.C., Mars in Scorpio in the wholesign 10th square the Aquarius Ascendant, and the Moon conjunct Uranus Note how both rulers of the Ascendant are highlighted.

The Pulse Shoooting chart has 0 Aries rising and the M.C. at 0 Capricorn. Therefore Pluto is in the 10th and Uranus in the 1st. The Moon is in the first quarter square Venus and past the T square of Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. Mercury in Taurus is still opposing Mars in Scorpio. That is all of the planets.

Mateen has Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun in Scorpio in the wholesign 5th. His Moon, 1st house ruler, is in Taurus oppose the Sun and square Mars in Aquarius in the 8th. His Saturn is in Sag square Jupiter at the M.C. His T square involving Mars and the luminaries speaks volumes about anger. The Saturn Jupiter square shows him looking up to a harsh version of a religion. Yes, he is having his Saturn return. His Scorpio planets in the 5th show him performing rage and murder in a place of entertainment.

The chart for Disney World also has Mars in Aquarius along with the 10th ruling Moon in the 5th. Here’s our little boy being carried away by an alligator. The chart also has Mercury, the Sun, Urauns, the Ascendant, and Venus in Libra in the 1st. When the event took place, Pluto was in the 1st and the Libra Moon was in the 10th oppose Uranus. Mars in Scorpio disposes Uranus in Aries and forms a finger of God with the Sun and Uranus.

The city of Orlando has Saturn in Aquarius connecting with Mateen’s and DisneyWorld’s Mars. And the city has Mars in Sagittarius which is being visited by Saturm.

Our hearts go out to all who have suffered, represented in these charts.

Mars comes to mind when we think of trouble and violence. In most of 2016 it is in only 2 signs do to slower motion. A more slowly moving planet brings events that are more induring. Remember that dxuring 2016, Mars is in Scorpio in Jan, Feb, June, and July. It is in Sag with Saturn in March, April, May, August, and September. We still have the square of Uranus and Pluto showing ideological differences in the world. And the T square of Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune adds to this. This is why there is such turmoil. When we have an event in the world, we should see these things show up in important places in the chart. For example, note Saturn and Mars being elevated in the Turkish attack chart.


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