Star Guild Report May 27 ’14

S.T.A.R. Guild, May 27th Report

S.T.A.R. Guild met and began to look at medical astrology. We started with this approach.


Each planet and sign represent a part of the body. So we have to look at the state of each. (A planet or sign in bad shape is suspicious of a potential health broblem in that part of the body.)


Look for bad aspects from planets to:


Planets in the first house, the body.


Planets ruling the first house, the body.


The Ascendant, the body.


The Sun, life.


The Moon, health.


The signs (parts of the body) that the malefics are in could be susceptible to difficulties.


Planets in or ruling the 6th house show the types of diseases the person attracts. The sign in the 6th could be a weak spot of the body.


This is what we saw.


One member who has a cardinal T square involving the first house rulers and rulers of the 6th, including Mars, has had a long life with many surgeries, injuries, and ailments. She also has a wide Sun trine Jupiter and the Moon trine Mars.


Another studied chart had the ruler of the 6th, Jupiter, in the first conjunct Mars and oppose the Moon. The ruler of the 1st made no good aspects but made two squares in fixed signs. The Sun makes no trines. The Moon trines Pluto. She suffers from a disease that has many effects on the body. But she has health care, Jupiter in the 1st.


Another member has a T square involving the ruler of the 1st (Mars), the Sun, and a planet in the 6th, Neptune. Other than a serious problem that was corrected she’s in good health. Her natal Moon applies to a trine with her natal Sun.


Our star example has 5 bodies including the Moon, Saturn, Mars, and the first house ruler in the same sign. Some of those bodies are in a T square with Jupiter and the Ascendant. She has suffered and managed ailments in the part of the body that that sign rules throughout her adult life. She has the Sun applying to a trine with Jupiter.


We’re adding more correspondents. Some of this is very old and some from Wanda Sellar’s book on medical astrology.


We want to look at preponderance or lack of planets in a gender, triplicity, and quadruplicity.


In reference to these, vitality decreases with this order of types of signs: fire, air, earth, and water.


Fire signs are supposed to be strong Ascendants, while water is weak.


Fire is associated with inflamation, air with blood condition, earth with depression, and water with oedema and phlegm. This is the old association of fire as choleric, air as sanguine, earth as melancholy, and water as phlegmatic or passisve. Fire is hot and dry (like a fever), Air is hot and moist (like blood). Earth is cold and dry (like solitude). And water is cold and moist, like it really is in nature.


Cardinal signs are associated with acute illness, fixed with chronic, and mutable with episodic.


Also cardinal signs are associated with bone and muscle, fixed with circulation, and mutable with fragile and sensitive individuals.


Positive signs are associated with the nervous system and negative with digestion.


So we’ll continue our look at medical astrology next month on the 24th of June. Please bring your chart or any others for studying. We’ll also look at recent and current solar returns for our Gemini. The Moon is in Gemini that night.

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