S.T.A.R. Guild Report April ’22

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, April 22nd Meeting

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We had a lively meeting and they always end too soon. We started with a discussion of the grand cross, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, which is particularly strong in April. Current events were noted that correspond to it, like, the ferry capsizing, the lost plane, recent earthquakes, the Washington mudslide, Florida sinkholes, Islamic terrorists holding 200 hostage in Nigeria, and people running cars into buildings. One member noted that it could be worse if Mars were direct and its energy free flowing. Another noted that the cross might stir us to uproar and inspire us to fix things that we note need fixing. We talked about the necessity of postponing what we can and of selecting times to do things when the Moon makes good aspects and the rising sign looks good. For example. The SpaceX launch was canceled when they tried to launch with the Moon in Libra tying into the grand cross. Another try with the Ascendant in Virgo and the Moon in Sag making trines to Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun succeeded. (I always note good Moon days on my site.)

Later we looked at the relocation of the solar return. If the solar return is relocated to a location that puts harmonious planets in strong places, the individual should have a good year. Relocation of the birth chart was also noted, our maps were studied, and we noted places that we had been and the planet configurations there. Local space was looked at; we noted what direction to go in to meet up with a good planet or the Sun, to stimulate harmony or success. We also noted the things ruled by the sign that a good planet is in, terrain, parts of cities, parts of the home, etc. If we surround ourselves with those things, we stimulate the sign and the planet. One of our members has a Sag Sun and spends a lot of time in court and is successful in her court related career. I forgot to bring up “astrological feng shui”. What’s that? Stand in your house and get your bearings. The contents of your house should reflect your chart. For example, my astrological library is in the northeastern part of my house and that is where my Uranus in Gemini is in my chart. For others in the house, things should reflect their charts also. This can take some doing with a different chart. This is really necessary to make family members feel comfortable.

Next month we will do medical astrology. I’ll attach my game plan for what to look at in the chart to assess health and illness. This is a simple first approach to a very complex topic but a good start. I’m hoping to see lists like this from others. And let’s bring our charts to test the theories.

P.s. Note charts on ferry.

All are welcome at our meetings. Suggestions and comments are also welcome.


Astrology and Health.

Medical Astrology is one of the most complicated areas of Astrology. Let’s cite some basics.

Each planet and sign represent a part of the body. So we have to look at the state of each. (A planet or sign in bad shape is suspicious of a potential health problem in that part of the body.)

Look for bad aspects from planets to:

Planets in the first house, the body.

Planets ruling the first house, the body.

The Ascendant, the body.

The Sun, life.

The Moon, health.

The signs (parts of the body) that the malefics are in could be susceptible to difficulties.

Planets in or ruling the 6th house show the types of diseases the person attracts. The sign in the 6th could be a weak spot of the body.

Procedures should be done on good days.

Aside from Astrology, we must have a good diet ( we know what this is) and good doctors. Modern medicine can do amazing things.

Here are some alternative approaches that have checked out well in research.

Acupuncture for pain

Calcium, magnesium, and vit B6 for PMS.

St. John’s Wort for depression .

Guided imagery for pain and anxiety.

Glucosamine for joint pain.

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