The Beatles

The Astrology of the Beatles.

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On Feb. 9th, 2014 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America. Their fame is phenomenal and anything extreme is a good topic for astrological research because we expect those types of things to show up easily. We have accurate birth times for George, John, and Ringo. For Paul we know that he was born at 2, either am or pm. I’m leaning toward the pm chart because he would have 4 planets in the 10th house and an additional planet near the MC. These areas are associated with fame and authority. And he got along well enough with authority to be knighted by the Queen. I’m using whole sign houses because they are nice symbolically and quadrant charts are ugly.


Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are extreme planets; and of them Neptune, the higher expression of Venus, is associated with the arts, the imagination, altered states, drugs, and mysticism. Paul has Neptune either with his Ascendant or opposite it. Ringo has Neptune opposite his Ascendant. George has Neptune in the same sign as his Ascendant. And John has Neptune with his first house ruler, Mars. (He was Aries rising.) All of these positions bring Neptune to the person. Neptune is and what they gave us was a magical mystery tour.


If you look up percussion in the dictionary, you’ll see “a sharp striking of one body against another”. This is a Mars activity. In Ringo’s chart we see a tight conjunction of Pluto, Mars, the Moon and Mercury. They are all right next to each other in the entertaining sign, Leo. Mars next to the Moon would be significant and the rest just adds to this.


George has a Leo Midheaven with Pluto close by. (All 4 have Pluto in Leo and all of their generation do too. Leo is entertainment and Pluto is groups. ) George’s mysticism is shown by Neptune in his rising sign and the Sun and Venus in Pisces, Neptune’s sign. These two are in the illness house, the 6th, and the same planet, Venus “rules” the 1st, him, and the 8th, death. George has the Moon very close to his Ascendant and this brings him the world. Also this is the masses coming to him.


Paul has Mars, Pluto, and the Moon in Leo and a bucket of planets in wordy Gemini, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun.


John has only Pluto in Leo but his Moon is opposite in Aquarius close to his Midheaven.

This brings huge universal, maybe even galactic, fame. Mars and the Sun in Libra give him a sense of beauty and art. His Aquarius and Libra trines Paul’s Gemini and brings events typified by a harmonious flow of energy. Mars, the ruler of John’s 1st, him, in the 7th is danger. The individual comes under the influence of someone violent.

At the time of their appearance,50 years ago; Jupiter was in Aries, John’s rising sign and George’s descending sign, their horizons. (Planets on the horizon of a chart show things and people coming to that person.) Uranus and Pluto, symbols of the revolutionary 60’s, were in Virgo, the horizon,  Ascendant and Descendant, for Paul and Ringo.

We miss John and George. It was such a pleasure to see Paul and Ringo together.

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