S.T.A.R. Guild Sept. ’18 Rreport

Sept. 25th S.T.A.R. Guild study group meeting.

We met and looked at 4 charts. Bill Cosby, Rod Rosenstein, Brett Kavanaugh, and Christine Blasey-Ford.     chart bill cosby         chart rod rosenstein(1)    chart brett kavanaugh

chart christine blasey-ford

Cosby was just sentenced for 3 to 10 years. He has Aries rising, so Mars is his first house ruler. Transiting Jupiter is on his Mars, the law has come to him. Transiting Saturn nearing his MC and squaring his Saturn in Aries, can bring loss and unhappiness. And Pluto is with his 10th house Jupiter and opposing his Cancer Sun in the 4th. His domicile has changed. It is most interesting that his natal Sun is with Pluto, showing extreme control; and his Moon is with Neptune, associating women and drugs.
Cosby has gotten justice and we will look at the other charts to make comparisons.

Rod Rosenstein in his no-time solar house chart has Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in practical Capricorn. He is a career government worker. He was born under the Pluto Uranus conjunction in middle Virgo and has Saturn in early Pisces and Mars in late Virgo. Jupiter opposes Neptune in middle Taurus and Scorpio. Transiting Jupiter is on his Neptune making generally good aspects in his chart. Transiting Neptune is opposing his Pluto Uranus conjunction. This emphasis on earth and water makes mostly good aspects. But Saturn is near his Mercury and Venus, and Pluto is approaching his Sun. He may be on for a while longer but Pluto approaching his Sun and Saturn coming along behind it, shows a major change for him.

Brett Kavanaugh has had a sterling reputation during his career but he has been accused of a sexual assault as a teenager. In his no-time solar house chart he has Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in abstract, people and knowledge sign, Aquarius. Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio square his Sun and Mercury. He also has Pluto and Uranus in a middle Virgo conjunction. Saturn is in early Pisces and Mars is in late Virgo. His Moon is in Cancer. His chart is much like Rosenstein’s except for the Moon and his Aquarius versus Rosenstein’s Capricorn. Transiting Neptune is opposing his Pluto & Uranus. Transiting Jupiter is tying into his fixed T square. Saturn is opposing his Moon, bringing emotion and potentially bringing loss. Mars is transiting his Aquarius planets. The exact position of the Moon is unknown at this time, but it looks like his distress could last for a while with the Saturn opposition and Mars transiting Aquarius bodies. No matter what happens soon, like at the hearing, it looks like difficulty will exist for him for a while. But let’s note, he has an Aquarius Sun and the U.S. chart has an Aquarius Moon.And the U.S. chart has a Cancer Sun and he has a Cancer Moon. This means that there is a strong connection between Kavanaugh and the U.S.

Christine Blasey-Ford has Pluto, Uranus, and Mars together in Virgo in the 10th solar house chart. Saturn opposes these planets. The Sun and Venus in early Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini move toward aspecting these Virgo and Pisces planets. Of the charts that have the Pluto Uranus conjunction, she has the most mutable activity connections to this. The Sun trines Jupiter in the solar chart 9th and she is a professor. She has Mercury close to Neptune in Scorpio in the solar 12th, she’s a psychologist. Transiting Pluto and Saturn are not making harsh aspects. Transiting Jupiter is on her Neptune Mercury conjunction. Neptune is connecting with various mutable planets. The interesting point is that on hearing day, Mars is opposing her Jupiter (her) in the 9th. And Uranus and the Moon are squaring it. The transits when placed in a person’s chart represent both things within them and outside of them. I suspect that the hearing will be difficult for her or that she will not be there.

Next month, on the 23rd, we will start looking at the charts of Supreme Court justices. We will also schedule short breaks to answer questions from our newer members. We also have Desantis and Gillum on our radar.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90

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