Feb. ’18 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Feb. ’18.

For locals who are interested, S.T.A.R. Guild meets on Feb. 27th at the library in Cocoa, 308 Forrest Ave. at 6pm. We will continue to look at how the planets in 2018 are affecting members’ charts. We will pinpoint active areas and note possibilities and take time in the future to follow up by filling in actual events.

In January a Spacex failed to place a satellite into orbit, we think. Mums the word because it is classified. Leo is rising in the launch chart and the Ascendant is in a close square with Jupiter and Mars. The Libra Moon is past squaring Saturn and moving to square Venus, the Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus. That’s plenty of discord matching a very expensive loss. Elon Musk has an early Cancer Sun, so , Saturn is opposing it. He’s having his Jupiter return and that should help.
Mudslides happened in Ca. with Mars & Jupiter close in conjunction in deadly and cruddy Scorpio. Trump made his graphic sh—hole countries comment with the graphic Scorpio Moon at the low point in his chart.
The erroneous Hawaii missile alert happened with Mars and Jupiter in death sign, Scorpio on either side of the MC, the highpoint in the chart.
The government shutdown happened under a nicely aspected Pisces Moon near Neptune, which does not sound like potent event.
A school shooting happened in Benton, Ky. The 15 year old shooter killed 2 and injured around 15. An impulsive and young Aries Moon was squaring planets in Capricorn and conjunction Uranus. Also the MC is early in shooting sign, Sagittarius conjunct a late Mars in Scorpio.
Trump is in Davos Switz. when the Moon is elevated in his chart.
During the time that Jupiter and Mars are in money sign, Scorpio, companies continue to give bonuses to their employees due to the tax cut; taxes are also ruled by Scorpio. Mars and Jupiter together in Scorpio seemed to correspond to many events.
The ambulance bomb in Kabul that killed 95 happened with the Ascendant and the Moon in vehicle sign, Gemini opposing Mars.
Twice the normal rain in France in January caused flooding; here is Jupiter and Mars in water sign, Scorpio being cited again. The State of the Union happened under a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Trump’s rising sign. And finally, the memo is partially Mercury in Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto. Capricorn shows higher ups in society and names have been named in the memo.
On the morning of the 1st we have the tail end of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This contrasts personal versus group power. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the afternoon of 13th, the 14th, and until late on the 15th is a new start in our intellectual and social lives.
In Feb. fast moving planets join dreamy Neptune in Pisces and square Mars, requiring more focus in action.
I’ll be at the Yoga Shakti Mission on Heild Rd. in Palm Bay on Feb. 25th talking about the Astrology of 2018 at 9am.
Call if you need me during business hours. My mini readings are quick and affordable.


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