S.T.A.R. Guild Nov ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Nov. ’15 Report

We had our Nov. meeting and analyzed the charts of 11 dictators. And we found the common factor. It is Saturn aspecting or disposing the Sun, or the Sun disposing Saturn. This makes sense. The Sun is power. Saturn is harsh, strict, fear inspiring and fearing. We wondered if these men had harsh fathers or harsh beginnings. At that point I realized that they were the harsh fathers of their countries.

Let’s look at each case and note some important features. Please note that we have birth dates on these people but few with accurate times. The time in 7 of the charts is in question. So the rising is unknown and the Moon’s position is sometimes in question.

General and dictator Noriega has Saturn, ruler of the 1st house in its home sign conjunct the Sun and trine Mars. Saturn disposes the Sun and the Moon squares Saturn. There is a grand cross between the Ascendant, Uranus, Pluto, and Mars. His birth time is known.

Vladamir Lenin, Russian leader and founder of the Soviet Union has a conjunction of the Sun and Mars and both are trine Saturn. His Mars is conjunct Neptune and square Uranus. He established the secret police. Time is in question.

Politician Joseph Stalin has the Sun and Venus square Saturn. His Mars is oppose Pluto and trine Saturn. His Saturn and Jupiter are in mutual reception. His time is in question.

Influential dictator, Adolf Hitler has Uranus with the Libra Ascendant and oppose Mercury. His 10th house Saturn is in Leo square Mars and Venus, first house ruler. His Sun looks to be past the orb for a square with Saturn, but Saturn in Leo is like a Sun Saturn connection. His Sun disposes Saturn. His Sun, Mars, and Venus in Taurus were his attempts to be an artist. His time is known.

Italian dictator Mussolini has a sextile of the Sun and Mercury in Leo to Saturn. Mercury in Leo disposes his Saturn. His Saturn and Mars besiege his Gemini Moon. The sign, gemini contains Pluto, Saturn, the Moon, and Mars, all within 12 degrees. He was known as a violent child and we do have his time of birth.

Fidel Castro has Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio. Mars squares Mercury in Leo and Saturn squares the Sun and Neptune in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius. This combo is enduring and loaded with power. His time is in question.

Thinking of Fidel, brings Batista to mind. He has the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn disposes his Sun. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, it and Saturn dispose the chart. His Mars squares Uranus and Pluto and trines Saturn. His time is in question.

Mao Tse Tung has Mars in its home sign and Saturn in its exaltation. Saturn disposes his Capricorn Sun. He has a T square between Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. His Leo Moon squares Uranus and is moving toward this fixed T Square of planets. He was noted as having an insatiable desire for sex and power.

Assad was born during the Uranus Pluto conjunction. Mercury and the Sun join this. Saturn and the Moon oppose it from Pisces. Mars in Scorpio with Neptune sextile one side and trine the other. Right now, Jupiter is transiting through his Virgo, Neptune is transiting through his Pisces, and Saturn is squaring them from Sagittarius. One of our members noted that right now he is in the middle of the world’s trouble. His time is in question, but his Moon would remain in Pisces all day on his birthday.

Romanian dictator and mass murderer, Ceausescu had the Sun in Aquarius oppose Saturn in Leo. They are in mutual reception. His Mars trines Jupiter and squares Pluto. His time is known.

Vladamir Putin may not be a dictator but he came to mind and was suggested by one of our group. His Sun is conjunct an exalted Saturn in Libra. His Sagittarius Mars trines Pluto in Leo. The current Pluto/Uranus square has been and is affecting his natal Sun and Saturn. His time is in question.

Let’s do some analysis. Of the 11 dictators, 8 had an important aspect between Saturn and the Sun. Mao had the Sun disposed by an exalted Saturn and Batista had the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn with dignified Saturn disposing the Sun. Hitler had Saturn in the Sun’s sign and in a very wide square with the Sun. This all shows a prevailing Sun Saturn relationship in dictators.

8 of the 11 had a important Mars Saturn aspect.

7 of the 11 had an important Mars Pluto aspect.

Despite this, let’s remember that Saturn has a good side and can bring us high standards, discipline, and a responsible approach to life.

Next month we will have our Christmas Party at the Alamo on U.S. 1 at 6 pm on Tuesday, Dec. 15th. Please bring a wrapped gift under $10 for exchange.

In January we will look at the Dali Lama, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi.


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