Nov. ’14 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report Nov. ’14

We met in Nov. and looked at the passage of Saturn from fixed Scorpio to mutable Sagittarius. I love calling the mutables “mental signs”. Let’s keep our minds possitive.

Saturn in a fixed sign can cause chronic problems. If one survives the situation, one might be dealing with it for many years.

My dear dog with a late Taurus Saturn has bronchitis under the placement of Saturn opposing it. He’s on an anti histimine, a steroid, & an antibiotic. He’s better but I bet he’ll be on some med for the duration. He’s a 13.5 year old little poodle.

One in my circle, who is elderly, did not survive Saturn’s passage over her late Scorpio Moon.

I’m dealing with a chronic right eye situation and I will be on meds for the rest of my life. My Moon is in Scorpio and the right eye in a woman is ruled by the Moon.

One of my clients who has Sun conjunct Pluto square Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. has experienced a breakdown and this is life changing.

Our nonogenerian, with a late Leo Moon, recently fell out of bed, bumped her head, injured her shin, and got food poisoning. In true Cap fashion she’s hanging in there.

Another in our group has had t Saturn on her Venus and is having some love trouble. But she is still beautiful. Another with a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo keeps “firing bosses”.

Another member, who has very little in fixed signs, has an early Sag Sun and is receiving unusual criticism for her work. She’s in a field where one’s presentations are liable to attack.

Our Gemini does not fear the upcoming Saturn opposition because she has the Sun and Saturn trine in her birth chart.
The Pisces, with 2 grand trines, will receive the square and is trying to shape up to avoid troubles.
We noted the last transit of Saturn in Sag to get some ideas from past events. But some things do change and that along with age and other developed vulnerabilities have to be factored in.
I’m pleased to share my discovery, while doing mini readings, that many of the people who come to me have something very important in their chart in the sign that is risisng or descending at the time they come to me. All is connected.
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