S.T.A.R. Guild Apr ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild April 28th Meeting Report

We met and finished up our study of dispositors. Our search for the final dispositor in our charts uncovered all of the dispositions in our charts.

As we look at any planet and its sign, house and aspects, we have discovered that we are not finished until we look at the dispositor, the planet or planets ruling the sign that the original planet of interest is in. That planet shows an underlying condition or tendency of the planet in question. Two people might have Venus in Aries but have Mars in different signs. So disposition adds more personal detail to the chart. We have learned that the final dispositor is the highest ranking planet in the chart and sets the stage for all of the others. We have noted the importance of a planet that disposes many planets. It will define an important area of the life. When one comes across the final dispositor, and sometimes there is more than one, one stops in the disposition process because it is the stage setter, the influencer not the influenced. Mutual reception makes more sense, in that, one’s eye just goes back and forth between the two planets that are receiving each other. They validate each other. We have also found interesting “circuits” of planets not in mutual reception but in conditional relationships with each other. Here is what we found in our group.

Our nonogenarian has as final dispositors, Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 6th and Mars in Scorpio in the 5th. She is and has been an avid and broad ranged reader. She was also in an exercise program for years.

Another member has no final dispositor or mutual reception but an interesting series. She has the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Cancer. Here is a loop of influence. She does have new age interests, but she has also supported a family, and done it through real estate.

Our Libra has an elevated Venus in Scorpio disposing her Sun, Moon, and first house rulers. She had the same job that she loved for years. Her final is Mars in Aries and she admits to being all over the place in her efforts at action.

Another member has Venus in Libra for the final. She works as an expert witness, is beautiful, dresses beautifully, and has a beautiful house with inviting visiting areas. Her mother introduced art into her childhood house and she grew up with Picasso prints, from his blue period, in her bedroom.

A new guest had Saturn in Aquarius for her final dispositor. She was a nurse for years; nurses threat all. After a major loss (Saturn), she switched to professional library work, where all the books and ideas are appreciated. Careers that have an everyone and everything element were a big part of her life.

Finally, Jupiter in Sagittarius is my final dispositor. I went to Catholic school, was exposed to scholarly nuns, and finally got a general studies degree. My Mercury and Uranus are in mutual reception in air and trine which is good for an astrologer. My Sun in Pisces is in mutual reception with Venus in Aries, if you accept exaltations. This shows up on occasion when I’m in positions of leadership.

We have drawn from some nice information by Moore and Douglas. And we do want to investigate Tyl’s view of disposition. Let us know your take on dispositors. Your input will be shared with the group.

Next month on May 26th, we will look at the co-pilot of the Germanwings crash, the Nepal earthquake, and Hillary.

We are also thinking about a more centrally located library for a meeting place. We are neglecting the people in the southern part of the county. Let us know what you think of this. This will not happen anytime soon.


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