Star Guild Report March ’17

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S.T.A.R. Guild March 28th ’17 Report.

The Guild met and we looked at the following things. We looked at the London attack and the pulling of the Republican health care bill. We noted the cardinal T square that will show up in all charts for a while. But the most interesting factor in the killing in London and the killing of the bill was that Mars was very near the M.C. This suggests to me that Mars with the M.C. is to be avoided in election charts. For individuals with this feature, Mars energy needs to be handled carefully and harmonized. I can think of one person who has this in her birth chart and she has a deadly peanut allergy.

We looked at the chart of one of our members, a Libra with a relationship problem. And we looked at a new member and suggested how she approach her studies.

Here are some suggestions that I give for new students to help them understand their own chart and update it. 1. Note that Astrology is about planets in signs and in houses aspecting other planets in signs and houses. So each one of these parts needs to be studied singly and in relationship. 2. Pay special note to any planet close to the Ascendant, the Descendant, and the M.C. (With the help of reference books the student can learn about their own chart at this point. ) 3. Learn the sign and planet symbols and get an ephemeris. With an understanding of the 30 degrees in each sign, the student can plot transits around their chart and update it. This is not easy, but for the truly interested student it is a plan.

We looked at the chart of Obamacare and did a horary on whether or not it will survive. With Virgo rising, the chart as it is, should be readable. We can also dial the houses and call the Aquarian 6th house the first. And one of our members uses a process where she moves the Sun to the 6th and them reads the chart. We can note that the Moon is bringing together a trine between Uranus and Saturn and Mercury and Saturn. The question is weather it can survive the T square of the Moon with Pluto and Jupiter. And note that in early ’18 Saturn will begin tying into the grand cross in the Obamacare chart. I don’t think it will survive as is, but I do think it will be replaced.

Next month we will look at where transiting Mars and Saturn are in the charts of all who show up. We will ask what this has brought and how the energy can be used well.

By the next meeting we will be a meetup and the sister of the Astrology Circle meetup in Orlando.

I’ll be talking about Astrology with the Satellite Beach Women’s Club on April 17th.

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