S.T.A.R. Guild July ’20 Report

July ’20 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report

We met on line & covered some interesting territory. Our technology had problems which were corrected by improved methods in two subsequent test calls. It seems that if a group call is to be made that I have to do it & that people calling in who are in the group interfere with desired results. In this test call process, we set up a free form astrology chat for 7 pm on August 14th. Our regular meeting will be on Aug 25th at 6 pm. Do not call me, please wait for my ring. At that time on the 25th, we will have a bucket of topics to cover, like, Mars in Aries, some notes from my Noel Tyl studies, and another chart synthesis. On the 14th I will contribute by asking for event reports from the Aquarius Full Moon square Uranus. Please note what happens in early August so that you can share.

At our July skype meeting, we looked at the planetary relationships between Floyd and Chauvin. They had opposing Moons in Taurus/Scorpio.

And Floyd’s Mars in Taurus is oppose Chauvin’s Uranus. Chauvin’s Mars was on Floyd’s Saturn which is near his south node. The Taurus/Scorpio emphasis is important because the neck and death were both involved in the event. The question came up about them being fated to meet and we wondered about it.

We noted the position of Mars in Aries in our charts & related events. Those who had it in important houses near planets did report additional stresses and conflicts. 2 of our younger members have it in the 7th house, one near natal Mars and the other near natal Saturn. By noting this we hope to test theory and also manage situations better. For our younger members we will be mothering them through it.

Finally, I realized that staying in due to the virus is much like being a Pisces. I do this all the time, except when I’m fishing at the beach.

I’m hoping to see you on the 14th at 7 and the 25th at 6. If you want to join message me in skype well before the meeting so that I can add you to our group.

P.S. We are growing. We now have a member from Calif. and one from Winnipeg.

Okay then.