S.T.A.R. Guild June 24 ’14

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, June 24th Meeting.

We continued our look at Medical Astrology. I have 4 subjects on which to report.

One of our elderly members was very open with her information. Material cited is birth chart. She’s had contact dermatitis and food allergies and other allergies for years. Some members cited her Capricorn Sun in the Placidus 6th oppose Pluto. Also she has Venus in early Aquarius and Mercury in late Capricorn oppose the Cancer Ascendant and both squaring a very early Saturn in Scorpio. She has Saturn and Mars in Scorpio and has suffered from Krone’s disease for years. Jupiter in Sag rules her 6th and she has a hip problem due to one leg being a bit shorter than another. We feel that a grand trine in water involving Pluto, Mars, & Uranus has encouraged her long life.


A quick look at another member showed these areas to be important in the birth chart in reference to health. Sun in Pisces; 1st house ruler, Venus, in Aries; and Taurus rising with Moon in Scorpio. She noted a lazy left eye and cited the Sun within 11 minutes of squaring both Aldebaran and Antares. No other Sun afflictions exist and the Moon in an applying trine keeps this from being extreme. Also the unafflicted Moon in its fall Scorpio is associated with ocular roseacea tripped by Pluto passing through Scorpio and a later flare up when Saturn was in the same spot. (Roseacea may also be associated with Venus in Aries. The skin on the face is red.) When birth chart Venus opposing Neptune in Libra in the 6th was tripped by Saturn passing through Libra, a hysterectomy was absolutely necessary. Additionally, birth chart Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Leo made the gift of a bad back disk # 3; this happened with deterioration due to age. Natal Mercury opposing this was anxiety in childhood. All recent health problems other that the onset of roseacea happened in recent years when Saturn was in Virgo, then Libra, and then Scorpio opposing the important bodies mentioned: Sun in Pisces, Venus in Aries, and Ascendant in Taurus. Two grand trines make health problems fixable or manageable.


A friend of S.T.A.R. Guild contributes a note that in ’13 Saturn within about 3 degrees of her natal grand crossed Scorpio Sun produced back pain and mobilization problems during the summer and on several other occasions. The Sun is the back and so is Pluto in Leo which it squares.

Another friend of the guild notes that she has seen that afflictions in mutables and some fixed stars in mutables are associated with mental retardation and some congenital deformities, like dwarfism. Peter Dinklage, one of the good guys on Game of Thrones, was born 6/11/69. He has the Sun in mutable Gemini square Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto; and Mercury in Gemini oppose Mars in Sagittarius. These are the arms and legs signs and he is a little person. His Sun is very close to Bellatrix.


We revisited good times to do surgery and noted that Sun trine Moon is good for healing. We also looked at healing suited to the afflicted planet by changing physical and mental diet. And we saw the addition of appropriate music and therapies for each planet. This attached information is courtesy of the Church of Light. We will revisit Medical Astrology in the future. Next month one of ours will speak to us about the Monroe Institute. This is Robert Monroe of “Journeys Out of the Body” fame. Let’s be thinking about the astrology of astral travel.


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