Learning Astrology


Learning Astrology.

I’ve been in Astrology for 39 years and I’m still studying. I’m happy to run into people who want to learn the subject. Astrology is about planets in signs and in houses aspecting other planets in signs and in houses. Here goes.


The Houses. The houses of the horoscope are the sections that make a chart look like a pie. Their meaning comes from the signs that correspond to them and the meaning of the directions in space as seen from earth. East and the 1st house are like Aries and are associated with life and the description of the individual for whom the chart is made. The 2nd house is like Taurus and is about the person’s money and stuff. The 3rd like Gemini, is thought, communication, and travel. The 4th, north, is like Cancer and about home, family, parents, and private life. The 5th, the Leo house, is kids and fun. The 6th house, the Virgo house is about work, health, and illness. The 7th, west, is the Libra house, and it is about marriage, significant others, and the public. (The 1st and 7th are the horizon. Planets here show people and things coming to the person that are like those planets.) The 8th house, like Scorpio is about complex money: shared resources, the partner’s money, alimony, insurance, taxes, inheritance, public funds, lending and borrowing, etc. and oops, death and the other side. The 9th house, is Sagittarius-like and things like, long distance travel, foreigners, advanced studies, teaching and teachers, religion and clergy, philosophy, and opinions. The 10th house, Capricorn, south, is the public life, our reputation and standing, bosses, parents, goals, and people above us. The Aquarian like 11th house is hopes and friends. And the mysterious Pisces-like 12th house is the unknown, the supernatural realm , research, disappointments, and restrictions. This is the easy part.

We are always looking at planets in signs and in houses. You have a brief description of the houses. Now slowly read my 12 part sign series. You will learn the signs and better understand the houses. Now the planets have to come into the mix. Once we have the planets we can associate the influences of planet and house and planet and sign.


The Sun. The Sun represents success and happiness. The condition of the sun in the chart; its sign, house, and aspects, show what will promote and interfere with success and happiness. (We’ll get to the aspects last.) The Sun is about self esteem and power. The Sun shows how things will go if you are in charge. (Some people should never be in charge.) Sun things that we want to learn are self esteem, confidence, and effectiveness. The Sun rules Leo, both are royal.


The Moon. The Moon represents the subtle mind, Mom, women, and the flavor of your daily life. Feelings are Moonish. Improving our feelings, mood, and general outlook on life makes all the difference in the quality of our lives. Cancer is her sign.


Mercury. Mercury is the conscious mind, thoughts, communication, study, and the skills that come from study and learning. We can change our lives by making our thoughts positive and by developing good communication skills. We should always learn. Gemini and Virgo are Mercury’s signs.


Venus. Venus is love, beauty, art, and enjoying life. Life is good when we appreciate and engage in these things. The chart shows how love goes for us. Sometimes we have work to do to change this. Learning what a functional relationship is helps. Venus people need more power and discipline. Taurus and Libra are Venus-like.


Mars, favorite of Rome. god or war, like all of the planets has two sides. It can be anger, stress, conflict, and destruction; or energy, drive, and building. Aries and Scorpio are his signs.


Jupiter, the good planet, Santa Claus, is generous, optimistic, a bringer of abundance, and full of good will. With Jupiter we have to watch out for excess and over confidence. Sagittarius and Pisces are like Jupiter.


Saturn. Saturn is like cold winter and dealing with lack. The good side of Saturn is noting a deficiency and setting a goal and working on a goal to fill it. When done well, accomplishment happens and one can rise to the top. Saturn people need to seek joy. Aquarius and Capricorn belong to Saturn.


Uranus. Uranus is the more extreme side of Mercury and very smart and original. Uranus in the chart shows a fascination that will bring discovery when pursued. When Uranus is strong in the chart, we should be sensible to counteract the disruptive tendencies. And we should seek out reliable people to achieve some stability. His sign is Aquarius.


Neptune. Neptune is an extreme expression of Venus. Love is romantic, art is surreal, and pleasure is ecstasy. Neptune is altered states, however we get there. Pisces is his sign. Van Gogh had Neptune in Pisces. And Neptune is now in Pisces. Marijuana is becoming legal. Neptune people need more power and discipline.


Pluto. Pluto, god of the underworld, is about extreme things, people, and situations. On the positive side, Pluto is dynamic force. On the negative side it is being overwhelmed by something potent. Staying on the good side of the Force and taking positive timely action is our defense against what this planet can bring.


Studying mythology gives good personified descriptions of the planets.


The Aspects. These are geometrical relationships between the planets based on their distance from each other in degrees of arc about the chart. Aspects associate planets, houses, and signs. Don’t be scared, I can explain. If we look at the chart and see planets near each other by sign and degree they are in conjunction. They work together. (Each sign has 30 degrees and 12 signs makes 360, a circle.) Your chart shows the degree of each planet. A New Moon is an example of a conjunction. It means that men and women can work together.


If two planets are at opposite places on the circle, they are in opposition. They may work against each other. They also stimulate the axis of the opposing signs and teach us the compliment of those signs. If we can overcome the conflict and honor both planets and signs involved, it can act like a contact and bring things, people, and opportunity. A Full Moon is an example of an opposition. This means that men and women see things differently. Oppositions happen in opposite signs; Aries Libra, Taurus Scorpio, Gemini Sagittarius, Cancer Capricorn, Leo Aquarius, Virgo Pisces.


The Square. The square is like a Half Moon, called first and last quarter. The planets in question are one quarter of the way around the circle from each other and in very difference signs. This is associated with conflict and we really have to work to help the planets make friends with each other. These squares in our charts may force us to address issues. The Half Moon means that men and women can’t work together. Look for squares and oppositions in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius; and Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


The Trine. Trines happen with planets in the same elements if they are fairly close in degree. The practical earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The enthusiastic fire signs are Aries, Leo, an Sagittarius. The intellectual air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. And the emotional water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Trines are happy, intergrated, and they promote each planet. So if you have Mercury in Aries and Mars in Leo, your mind is active and fueled. What drive this would be!


The Sextile. Every other sign is complementary to each other and if the degree is close, this is a harmonious sextile aspect between planets. The planets help each other. Ex., Saturn in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Cancer, is good at buying and selling. Earth signs and water signs are complementary, and air and fire signs are complementary.


So, you have a little insight into the houses. You can learn the signs in my 12 part series. You have an introduction to the planets. And you know a bit about the aspects. A simple way to put things together is to note that any two things, like a planet and house or planet and sign, stimulate each other and describe each other. Ex. The Sun in Virgo is success from work. Venus in the 5th house is fun in the fun house. Happy playing!


Remember, focus on the signs and planets first.



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