S.T.A.R. Guild 3/27/18 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild March 27th ’18 Meeting Report

chart stephen hawking              chart einstein

We met at the Cocoa library and started our look at Mercury. We selected quotes by many well known astrologers about Mercury from an April/May ’17 Mountain Astrologer compiled by Frank Clifford. He notes in another article on the “Twilight Zone” and Rod Sterling that the gifted and word smiths tend to have retrograde Mercurys, showing a tendency to divergent thinking.
We then looked at the solar house chart of Stephen Hawking. We noted Mercury in Capricorn involved in a grand trine with the Moon & Neptune in Virgo and Saturn & Uranus in Taurus. This looks pretty smart to me and the tangibility of the earth signs promotes science because science focuses only on things that it can measure. His Mercury was in a very close square with Mars and we attribute this to his disease.
Next up we saw Einstein. His Mercury aspects were not numerous but they were poignant. He has Mercury with Saturn in Aries in the 10th house. This can be translated as recognition for a fundamental, energetic theory, with Aries being energy, Saturn being fundamental, and Mercury being theory. E=MC squared; is energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Einstein also had Mars in the 7th and we know that he had marriage trouble. Finally, please note that both Hawsking and Einstein have a strong Mercury Saturn contact, which I associate with math and science.
We were happy to receive a new member who is a 20 year astrologer who recently moved into central Fla. She and her daughter will add nicely to our group. We now have 4 certified astrologers in our group and others who could be certified.
Next month, 4/24 we will continue with Mercury by looking at members’ charts. We want reports on what the various positions of Mercury are really like. We have a few who missed our look at transiting Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. We will take care of that.
We will start preparing for a look at Chiron. Mythology can give us the theory. We need to look through our resources for what astrologers have seen in their clients. A look at Jupiter may come up after that and a look at Sun sign/Moon sign combinations. All are encouraged to suggest programs and to present programs. I’ll be reminding all about the next meeting one week before it takes place.
P.S. As you look at my humble credentials, note that I have retrograde Mercury in Aquarius in the wholesign 10th trine and in mutual reception with Uranus. Why the credentials? I have the Capricorn transits in the sign of my MC.

Leslie Marlar, Astrologer, PAI ‘ 77
Hermetician, Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate B.G.S., Rollins ’90

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