July Psychic Fair

July Psychic Fair

I have done astrology mini readings at psychic fairs for a while, many more recently. And it is in just the last two events that I have been comparing the sign rising in the sky at the time I see a client with what the client has rising in their birth chart. This started with my looking at my real time astrology screen to try to determine when a client would come over to me at these events. But it took a focused turn on the Mother’s day psychic fair which was also my late mother’s birthday. Any sign rises for about two hours each day. So these are ephemeral things and when they match up, the real time sky and the birth chart, it is way beyond a chance occurrence. Remember, I am comparing what is happening in real time, as I see the client, with some thing that happened at their birth.

My first client at the last fair had Saturn, Neptune, and the Ascendant in Libra in her birth chart. In the sky, Libra was rising. She has a Virgo Moon and the real time Moon was in Virgo.

My next client had the Moon, Jupiter, and a late Libra Ascendant, but Scorpio was rising in real time. She has Neptune in Scorpio within 4.5 degrees below the Ascendant. This brings Scorpio energy into the 1st house, the rising house. So this counts.

My third client had Leo rising with the Sun, 1st house ruler, in Libra along with Mercury, and Venus. Scorpio was rising in real time and she has a Scorpio Moon. In this case there was no first house ruler influenced by Scorpio but the Moon is very much a part of anyone’s identity. So this is different but still a connection.

My last client had Mercury, the Sun and the Ascendant in Capricorn. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, was in Libra along with the Moon, Neptune, and Mars. Early Sagittarius was rising in real time and Saturn in late Scorpio was very close to the Ascendant. So, a person who is Saturn ruled saw me when Saturn was rising in real time. This is a little different from the rest of these cases but conveys the same message.

I’m starting to realize that these psychic fairs are an opportunity for a person to make a spontaneous decision to have a reading done. This is very different from someone calling me and getting an appointment days later. I think this spontaneity in these fairs is part of the reason for the connection between their birth charts and real time planetary and point positions. Something in the sky is stimulating them to do something that has been made possible for them to do. In other words, I’m there and ready for them. And the moment, stimulating something important in them that is like the moment, causes their action.

On this day, the signs that were rising during the fair were: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The rising of Libra and Scorpio took up most of the fairs time. Of the people I saw, all had at least 3 bodies or points in Libra.

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