S.T.A.R. Guild Report 8/23/16

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S.T.A.R. Guild Report, Aug. 23rd 2016 Meeting


We met last night and had four people from Orlando, two regulars and two new. With the ARG in Orlando gone, we are happy to have anyone come over from Orlando for knowledge sharing.

We finished up our view of vocational astrology. Although checklists help, it seems that everything in the chart should be looked at.


In reference to vocational astrology, from Cunningham we noted the presence of planets in the 2nd, 6th, and 10th. A heavy 2nd wants money, a heavy 6th satisfaction from work, and a heavy 10th identity.

From Tyl we noted the Moon sign and house as the reigning need. A checklist from him additionally contained: the oriental planet; anything peregrine; the M.C., its aspects, and ruler; the final dispositor; and any mutual receptions. Gina Ceaglio shared the notion that any house in a chart can represent money made from the previous house. An example is the 2nd is money from the personal effort of the 1st and the 8th is money from the personal effort of the 7th. Is the third money made from possessions? Lots of people have fishing poles. Would a third house person catch fish?

We looked at two teen sisters. They both had Sag rising with Mars in the first. One is in marching band and the other is a swimmer. They both have Virgo culminating. One has Mercury in Cancer and the other has it in Capricorn. Hers is in the 2nd and the former ‘s is in the 8th. The practical houses of both are empty except for this Cap Mercury, which is peregrine. One has Venus with Saturn and the other has them opposed. We wanted to know the relationship of the parents; it’s not warm. One has the Sun in the 9th and the other has Jupiter there. Their mother is a teacher.

I think the girl with Jupiter in the 8th may marry well. And the girl with Mercury in cap in the 2nd , who also has Sun, Neptune, and Uranus in the 3rd will do something that involves communication. She already runs for office at school and loves to make speeches.


The heart patient we looked at has the Moon in Leo in the 2nd ruling the 1st opposed the Sun in Aquarius. Jupiter trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon. Mars squares the Sun. The surgery date and time were not chosen astrologically. Scheduling was left to the heart surgeon who is known nationally. The pre-surgery cardio catherization was done with the Moon in Aquarius and the surgery done under the same Moon a month later. I’m

thinking that if a date is not selected, one will be chosen for you that connects powerfully with your chart. Despite the Moon squaring Mars, all went well. At surgery time. the Virgo Ascendant was past Jupiter and bringing together a separating trine of the Sun and Mars. An minor infection of the outer incision developed and was dealt with. The new Moon after the surgery was in Leo, which is new life for the heart. The following full Moon was in Aquarius on his Sun; a culmination of heart power. The surgery was an open heart valve replacement. During the time that the Sun was in Cancer, his 1st house, and later in Leo, it fortifies him.

With sadness we noted various charts relating to tragic events. In Nice we noted the Moon very close to Mars in Scorpio in the 9th. The murder weapon was a truck. The currently troubled mutables are in the angles, with Saturn elevated.


The Dhaka attack had Mars in Scorpio with the M.C. The Moon is just into Gemini where it will connect with mutable planets, including Saturn.


The Munich shooting has the mutables on the angles, with Saturn near the Ascendant and the Moon in Pisces near Neptune in the 4th.


The Dallas shootings have the Ascendant near Pluto, an early Virgo Moon moving to harsh aspects with Neptune and Saturn, and Mars in Scorpio with the M.C.

In all of these charts Mars or Saturn are strongly highlighted.



We noted the Mars, Saturn, Antares conjunction. This is visible in the south now after dark and should be seen. The early morning 8/24 Amatrice 6.2 earthquake shows the two planets separated by 12 minutes. An earthquake in Burma on the same day killed 3 and destroyed 170 temples. This makes sense because the conjunction is happening in the religious sign, Sagittarius. And shootings are taking place as I write this, 8/24, at the American University in Kabul Afghanistan. Remember, Sag is an armed sign.


Next month we will be checking our charts and those of famous people for fixed stars. We will also note any events in us and in the world happening under the Mars, Saturn, Antares event.


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