Christmas Star

The Christmas Star


Some are calling the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn the Christmas Star. Some think that the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars was the original Christmas Star.

On Dec. 21st Jupiter and Saturn will be together in the Southwest and be visible after dark. Don’t wait until that date to see it. Sometimes these conjunctions cause weather that can obstruct the view. Please start watching now. You will see them moving closer together over time and then separating after the 21st.

So we can have some fun being star gazers. But what does the conjunction mean?

Each planet represents a set of things. So in this conjunction, the things the one represents comes to the set of things that the other represents. ( All planets represent good and bad things.)

Saturn represents political leaders, business people, hard work, buyers, responsibility, conservatives, caution, depression, poverty, contraction, and loss.

Jupiter represents judges and courts, teachers, sellers, gain, wealth, religion, medical people, professionals, liberals, happiness, abundance, and expansion.

You might have noticed that these two sets represent very different things, and even opposites.

One possible event is the vaccine. A disease and a cure sound like Saturn and Jupiter to me. This could be our Christmas gift.

Additional sky eventes are happening from late November through January.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 30th seems to affect Trump personally. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec. 14th seems to affect Biden personally. Then the Jupiter Saturn conjunction happens where good Jupiter comes to look at difficulties. Then Mars moves into Taurus and joins Uranus and they both square Saturn and Jupiter. This is powerful and tense.

We live in interesting times.