Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.


In February our thoughts turn to love due to this special holiday. What does Astrology tell us about love? It tells us what in our surroundings brings love to us.

The following is for a woman. The sign and house of the Sun in a woman’s chart tells us where she can find men. For example, a Sun in Cancer might find men in nursing or in taking care of people; a Leo by being around children and places of entertainment. Let’s look at them all. Aries should go on adventures or do activities that involve leadership. Taurus can hook up at financial places, out in nature, and at the local chocolate factory. Travel and communication events work for Gemini. Virgo finds love at work, even volunteer work. Libra finds men at gatherings of people, in the legal profession, and in art. Scorpio does investigative work or healing and finds a man. ) Scully and her autopsies come to mind.) Sagittarius takes a hike or a bike ride, goes to Europe, or to school and gets a guy. Capricorn finds men in business and the professions. Aquarius connects through friends and associates. Pisces pursues mysteries and finds the greatest one, a man. The house also points us in the right direction but we need to know the birth time for this and an accurate horoscope. For a man, we look at the Moon sign and do the same that we suggested for a woman. Example, for a man with an Aries Moon, go on adventures and take leadership classes to meet a woman. Yes, we need to know the time of birth for that also.

With an accurate horoscope, birth chart, for a woman, the Sun and Mars tells us where she will find men. Use sign and house. The sign and house of Venus will tell us where she’ll find love. For a man, the house and sign of the Moon and Venus will tell us where he’ll find women and Venus shows us where love is. When we have a time, place, and date of birth and can set up the birth chart, we can see many things.

Our neatest trick is plotting the planets of one person around the chart of the other, and visa versa. This shows what the one stimulates in the other and what one brings to the other. Venus of one on the Ascendant of the other brings happiness. Jupiter there would bring wealth. Mars would bring energy but also trouble. This process is what astrologers do to look for compatibility.

Of course aside from astrology, to find love, we should have in mind what we want in a mate. And we should remember that respect and trust are basic to a solid relationship.

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